The 2010 RAFT Grow-Out season has been a great year for veggie lovers around New England!  A quick recap of the season by the numbers:

  • 94 chefs and farmers participated by growing and cooking with New England heirloom vegetables.  Thanks to all our amazing farmer and chef participants for making it such a great season! Grow-Out farmers grew some truly delicious and special vegetables this growing season Following on the heels of the epically bad growing season of 2009, this year’s season brought forth am amazing bounty.   The Grow-Out chefs used their skills to transform the locally-grown produce into diverse and delectable dishes, served at their restaurants and at special events around New England.
  • 300+ people around New England participated in Grow-Out events, including field trips, special dinners at participating restaurants, an amazing and elegant Heirloom Harvest Barn Dinner at a farm in New Hampshire and a fun down-on-the-farm barbecue in Rhode Island.  Community members around New England came together to enjoy both the fruits of the farmers’ labor and the talents of participating chefs.
  • 11 varieties of heirloom vegetables with New England histories and culinary traditions were grown by local farmers and prepared by chefs, featured in dishes ranging from Jimmy Nardello Kimchi to Boston Marrow Squash ravioli, lobster bisque with roasted Gilfeather Turnip to Long Pie Pumpkin Panna Cotta.  A few of the veggies in particular, including the aforementioned Jimmy Nardello Pepper, Long Pie Pumpkin and Gilfeather Turnip, proved themselves to be outstanding and we are sure you’ll be seeing them around into the future!

Thanks to all who participated, came to events, volunteered, and grew and cooked with heirloom vegetables.  It’s been an amazing and fun season, and we hope that the connections that farmers and chefs have made through the Grow-Out will continue to bear fruit in the years to come.

More photos from the season’s Grow Out events on our Flickr page at