It’s been several months since we mailed our letter of support to President and Mrs. Obama, asking them to continue to promote and foster sustainable food practices.  This week (only two days before Thanksgiving) President and Mrs. Obama hosted their first state dinner at the White House.  According to the First Lady, the menu  “showcased the best of American cooking,” as well as  “included the freshest ingredients from area farmers and purveyors” and a variety of herbs and greens from the White House garden.

Earlier this year, we learned that Mrs. Obama would be cultivating a White House vegetable garden for the purpose of educating children about the healthy, locally grown food.  We’ve seen photos of assistant White House chef Sam Kass picking herbs and vegetables from the garden for the First Family’s meals, and learned recently in the NY Times that he’s also involved in food policy discussions at the White House.

Critics may say these acts by President and Mrs. Obama and their staff may seem small in the scheme of things.   There are still many problems with our food policy.  Yet, positive change is taking place with programs like Know Your Farmer, Know Your Food that offers grants, loans, and marketing support to small farmers, and a variety of organizations and agencies that promote local agriculture.

As the country comes together for the Thanksgiving holiday, we realize that while we still have much work to do, we have a lot to be thankful for.

Have a local, sustainable, and delicious Thanksgiving!