This week, Boulder-based Chefs Collaborative Board Member, Sylvia Tawse, leads off, along with long-time member Hugo Matheson. These two are huge supporters of healthier food for kids in their community, and are helping to fuel the effort with their respective businesses, Fresh Ideas Group and The Kitchen restaurant. Read about their contributions here.

Next up to bat we have Board Member, Tom Philpott, with his coverage of the Food Safety Modernization Act.  See what he has to say from beginning to… end?

Also, here’s a review of Chef Jason Bond’s new Cambridge restaurant, Bondir.  And is that Chef Mary Reilly in the background?

Stay tuned for next week’s news in the sustainable food realm!  Meanwhile, revel in these trends for 2011 as predicted by 1,500 chefs.  Sustainability and locally-sourced ingredients are at the top of the list!