Chefs Collaborative members do amazing work every day – check out our weekly members news link round-up to see what’s going on around the country:

  • Steve Geddes leaves Local 127 (Polly Campbell,, 10.28.13) Although Steve Geddes is returning West and leaving Local 127, he says, “It was a joy and privilege to be part of such a great community of local farmers, growers and the Cincinnati dining community.”
  • From the Ivory Tower Kitchen: We Can Do It. We Must Do It. (Hari Pulapaka, Huffington Post, 10.29.13) Hari Pulapaka discusses how a lack of understanding about the dangers that are engulfing regional and global food systems will ultimately harm our generation and how we must “produce better food that is accessible, affordable, just and fair.”
  • Chef Barton Seaver’s Warm and Well-Stocked Rental Kitchen (Cambria Bold, The Kitchn, 10.29.13) Barton Seaver shares his belief that simplicity is essential when cooking, for the simpler the food, the better the meal, the easier the clean up, and the more incentivized you are to buy fresh food from a local farmer’s market.
  • John Ash: Ultimate chef masters poultry (Rayne Wolfe, The Reporter, 11.1.13) John Ash produced a new cookbook, “Culinary Birds: The Ultimate Poultry Cookbook,” that features insight into the best way to put poultry on the table, including the vital step of sourcing your meat and eggs locally.
  • A Q&A With “Top Chef” Judge Hugh Acheson (Anna Spiegel, Washingtonian, 11.1.13) Hugh Acheson discusses his latest projects, which include a cookbook titled Eat Well that will be a look at how to use everything in your CSA box.
  • A talk with maverick chef Nischan (Charles Stuart Platkin, News-Sentinel, 11.2.13) Michel Nischan is interviewed, and he asserts his dedication to being a catalyst for change in the sustainable food movement.