bobby3 (1)Want to improve your special one-of-a-kind fine dining spot? Think big. Really big.

Bobby Stuckey opened Frasca Food and Wine ten years ago with partner Lachlan Mackinnon to offer Boulder the best of what the Friuli-Venezia Giulia region of Italy has to offer.  The celebrated white tablecloth restaurant continues to draw ardent fans from throughout Colorado.  The reason, however, will surprise you, says Stuckey.

Two years ago, the Frasca partners joined with Chipotle to launch a fast/casual pizza concept they hope will carry their Italian food across the country.  With three spots now open, more Pizzeria Locales are in the works.

“I would have never thought that building a scalable restaurant would lead to a higher quality experience at our best restaurant, but it has,” says Stuckey.  Join him at Chefs Collaborative’s Food Summit in Boulder September 28-30 to learn the quality upside of serving the masses.

Can’t believe it? Judge for yourself. During the summit, you’ll have the opportunity to enjoy the sophisticated yet simply delicious food Mackinnon cooks at both Frasca and Pizzeria Locale.  It’s reason enough to attend the summit.