In a time of questions and ambiguity around the subject, Gary Hirshberg, co-founder of Stonyfield Farm and chairman of the Just Label It campaign, offers an educated position on GMOs. According to Gary, there are three important truths about GMOs:

1) “GMOs have put farmers and all of us on a toxic herbicide treadmill.” 

2) “Labeling GMOs will empower the marketplace to reject unsustainable agriculture.” 

3) “The GMO patent-holding chemical companies have cleverly diverted attention from their herbicide sales by arguing that labeling is a food safety issue but their case is faltering. Even the Des Moines Register just editorialized in favor of mandatory labeling as a consumer right to know issue.”

Learn more from his talk about the “Three Truths about GMOs” at the Chefs Collaborative Sustainable Food SummitGary asserts that GMO labeling is America’s biggest food fight. Join us for what’s sure to be a lively conversation.

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