Hello!  The staff here at Chefs Collaborative are all avid readers, but it doesn’t take an avid reader to notice how many of our members have gotten media love this week.  We were talking about it, and our consensus was to feature a recurring blog post every Friday, which highlights Chefs Collaborative in the news.  Here’s what caught our eyes this week:

  • Our Executive Director, Melissa Kogut, talks about how to keep sustainable food costs in check.
  • Chefs Collaborative Board Member, Chef John Ash, talks about sustaining the sea by using lesser-known alternative varieties of sustainable fish.
  • Chef Joanne Chang, of Myers & Chang, adds an Asian flair to traditional New England Fare.
  • Chefs Collaborative Board Member, Stephen Stryjewski, urges Americans to save the Gulf by ordering Gulf seafood.
  • Chef Rolando Robledo just expanded the Clover Food Truck into a restaurant in Harvard Square.

Members, please let us know what you’re up to!  If you’d like to contribute linkage, please e-mail jen@chefscollaborative.org.