…many reasons to pay close attention to what we eat popped up in the news this week.

It’s amazing what it takes to make a frozen burger patty these days.  And what one burger can do to a girl. After a young woman was paralyzed after eating an e-coli-laced burger in Minnesota, The New York Times traced the burger back to its various sources, with grotesque results. It’s enough to make you go DYI with meat grinding, and underscores the importance of buying your food from trusted and responsible sources; producers with the animals’ interests–and ours–at heart.

But our country’s meat production system is severely broken, as Barry Estabrook points out in his recent column on sustainable meat production in gourmet.com. Supporting a sustainable alternative means spending more on meat–but maybe eating less of it .

Speaking of Gourmet,  we blogged about its sudden death on our Green Chefs, Blue Ocean site. What are your thoughts on its sudden demise?