This is a joint post from Daniel Pliska, chef at the University Club of Missouri and member of Chefs Collaborative, and Chefs Collaborative

IMG_8413“Sustainability is more than just sourcing local ingredients, we must train our staffs to develop a variety of good culinary and pastry techniques in order to keep our jobs sustainable. This enables us to continue to offer exciting dining options to our guests which in turn allows us to be good stewards of the resources from the land and sea.” This was the core message of chef Daniel Pliska in his recent presentation at the American Culinary Federations Central Regional Conference in St. Louis, Missouri. Up next for chef Pliska? A presentation at the American Culinary Federation, where the focus is on our Sustainable Future – how appropriate!

And on the heels of his presentation, chef Pliska is also launching his new pastry book, “Pastry and Dessert Techniques.”

Chef Daniel Pliska has been a long-time member of the Collaborative, and someone that calls out to us with opportunities to reach more chefs about sustainability – and for this, we are very thankful!

PDT-Cover.epsFor more than 25 years, Chef Pliska has had his eye on sustainability and solid training for chefs – he has used recipes and techniques to train his culinary and pastry staff to prepare both classical and signature pastries. Of particular interest to us, his chapters focus on the foundational recipes and techniques of pastry, all without the use of chemicals such as baking powder, baking soda or cream of tartar. The step-by-step photos in Pastry & Dessert Techniques showcase the execution of 35 techniques that are used to create 65 elegant pastry and dessert recipes, many with variations and subcomponents, which can be used to create a multitude of sweet and savory pastries as well as desserts.

Thank you for sharing a sneak peek of your new book with us, chef, and we hope others enjoy it too!