2013SummitLogo_WebWe are so pleased to announce the finalists for the 2013 Sustainability Awards!

The Awards recognize individuals who have played an exemplary role in transforming our food system. This year, there are four awards: Southeast Sustainer, Foodshed Champion Southeast, Pathfinder, and National Sustainer. Over the next four days, we’ll announce the finalists for each award, starting with the Southeast Sustainer Award.

The Southeast Sustainer Award honors a chef in the Southeast who has been both a great mentor and is a model to the culinary community through his/her purchases of seasonal, sustainable ingredients and the transformation of these ingredients into delicious food.

The finalists for the Southeast Sustainer are:

Frank Lee

Bill Smith

Frank Stitt

Anne Quatrano

Stay tuned as we announce the finalists for Foodshed Champion Southeast, Pathfinder, and National Sustainer this week! You can follow our live announcements each day at 2:00PM on Twitter.