Our original Summit Schedule is posted below.

Please note that the final Schedule was affected by cancellations due to Hurricane Irma.

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Friday, September 8th


Optional overnight Add-On Field Trip to White Oak Pastures, including:

  • Farm visit and abattoir tour with farmer Will Harris

  • Delicious meals from chef Reid Harrison

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Saturday, September 9th


Field Trips across Georgia (separate ticket required), including:

  • Preservation Workshop and Farm Tour featuring chef Hugh Acheson and food alchemist Jovan Sage

  • Farmers Market Visit with chef Kevin Gillespie

  • Lamb Butchery featuring butcher Adam Danforth

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2:30pm – 4:30pm

Summit Registration at The Georgian Terrace Hotel

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5:30pm – 8:00pm

Rooftop Welcome Reception at Ponce City Market, featuring:

  • Welcome from Chefs Collaborative

  • Stephanie Stuckey, Head of Mayor Kasim Reed’s Office of Resilience

  • Bites and Sips from Atlanta Chefs and Mixologists


Optional Family Style Dinners at Atlanta Restaurants

Sunday, September 10th

8:00am – 2:00pm

Summit Registration at The Fox Theatre

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8:00am – 8:45am

Join Linton Hopkins of Hop’s Chicken and friends for a Southern Style Breakfast at The Fox Theatre


General Session: Morning Line Up at The Fox Theatre, including:

  • Welcome from Piper Davis, Chefs Collaborative Board Chair

  • Welcome Y’all: A Celebration of Atlanta Regional Food Community with chef Steven Satterfield (Miller Union) and Judith Winfrey (Love is Love Farm and PeachDish.com)

  • Fighting for Good Food Policy with Congresswoman Chellie Pingree (D-Maine)

  • Building Your Ground Game for Change with Paula Daniels (Co-Founder, Center for Good Food Purchasing)


Ham It Up: Networking Break from Niman Ranch, Batdorf & Bronson Coffee and Frontier Co-Op


Continued General Session: Morning Line Up, including:

  • Seed Life Skills – Community Mise En Place with chef Hugh Acheson

  • Resist to Sustain: Reclaiming the Future of Food with Tamara Jones (Executive Director, Southeast African American Farmers Organic Network — SAAFON) and Matthew Raiford (The Farmer and the Larder / Gilliard Farms)

  • Moving Toward Equity in Hospitality with chef Daniel Patterson (Alta Group, Coi and LocoL)

  • Taking the High Road for Social Justice panel moderated by Kim Severson (The New York Times), featuring chef Daniel Patterson (Alta Group, Coi and LocoL), Johnny Livesay (Co-Founder, Black Star Co-Op), Saket Soni (Executive Director, National Guestworker Alliance), Marielena Hincapié (Executive Director, National Immigration Law Center) and more


The Atlanta Lunch Box at The Fox Theatre, including Sponsor Showcase

Get to know our 2017 Summit Sponsors!


Breakout Sessions at The Fox Theatre and around town on topics including:

  • Heritage Grains with chef Paul Fehribach (Big Jones), chef Terry Koval (Wrecking Bar), baker Zach Golper (Bien Buit), and more!

  • Nose to Tail Storytelling with Veronica Chambers (New York Times best-selling author), Kara Rota (Macmillan Publishers), Stephen Satterfield (Whetstone Magazine), and more!

  • Seafood Solutions with Justin Boevers (Fish Choice), chef Derek Wagner (Nick’s on Broadway), chef Virginia Willis (James Beard award-winning cookbook author), Michael Dimin (Sea to Table), and more!

  • Cutting Food Waste with Steven Satterfield (Miller Union)

  • Getting Value from Your Values with Ari Weinzweig (Zingerman’s), Johnny Livesay (Black Star Co-op), Herb Eckhouse (La Quercia), and more!

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Georgia State Fair Dinner featuring Anne Quatrano, guest chefs, mixologists, and live music

Join us for this once-in-a-lifetime treat! Chef Anne Quatrano is opening her doors for a special meal at the highly anticipated new incarnation of her legendary culinary landmarks, Bacchanalia and Star Provisions. 

Monday, September 11th


Atlanta Pastry Breakfast at Atlanta Botanical Garden


Owning the Future at Atlanta Botanical Garden, including keynotes and short talks featuring:

  • Regenerative Ranching is the Solution with Nicolette Hahn Niman (Co-Founder, BN Ranch)

  • Inspiring Authenticity in “Farm to Table” with Alice Rolls (Executive Director, Georgia Organics)

  • What is White Supremacy in Our Dining Culture? Tunde Wey (Writer and Chef, Blackness in America Dinner Series) in Conversation with Julia Bainbridge (Food Editor, Atlanta Magazine)

  • Seafood from Slaves: Enslaved Men May Catch the Fish You Serve with Martha Mendoza (Pulitzer Prize-winning AP Writer)

  • California Wineries Put a Label on Sustainable: Winemaker Merry Edwards Shares the Story

  • Bridging the Divide Between Urban and Rural Communities Through Food with Kay Cornelius (Vice President of Foodservice, Niman Ranch)

  • A Seaweed Solution for Reducing Methane from Livestock: A Look to Greener Grazing with Josh Goldman (CEO and Co-Founder, Australis Barramundi)

  • We Can Stop Antibiotic Misuse: The Food Labels to Trust with Emily Moose (Director of Communications and Outreach, A Greener World)

  • GMOs Label Law and Crispr Experiments with Dr. Michael Hansen (Senior Scientist, Consumers Union)

  • The Case for a National Food Policy with Michiel Bakker (Director, Google Food), in conversation with Kim Severson (The New York Times)

  • Good Food’s Future with Amazon/Whole Foods, a panel discussion with Nicolette Hahn Niman (Co-Founder, BN Ranch), chef Michael Leviton (Founder, Region Food Works), chef Evan Mallet (Black Trumpet), Glenn Roberts (Anson Mills), and Paula Daniels (Center for Good Food Purchasing), moderated by Joe Fassler (Senior Editor, New Food Economy)


Barramund-ay Fun Day! Lunch from Chefs Collaborative Local Leaders featuring Sustainable Seafood and Plant-Forward Dishes

Closing Remarks from Chef Evan Mallett (Black Trumpet Bistro), Chef Derek Wagner (Nick’s on Broadway) and Marc Oshima (AeroFarms)


Summit Ends


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