Summit Breakout Sessions qwew included in the General Admission and Sunday Day Pass tickets. Sessions took place on Sunday, September 10th from 2:00-5:00pm at The Fox Theatre and around town in Atlanta.

Nose to Tail Storytelling: How to Craft, Pitch and Market Your Story from Cookbook to Memoir to Blog Post to Tweet

Workshop your story with New York Times best-selling author Veronica Chambers. Gain valuable insights on sharing your personal and professional experience on paper and online from a brain trust of food-centric storytelling and publishing experts.

Experts: Veronica Chambers (Co-Author of numerous New York Times bestsellers, including 32 Yolks with Eric Ripert), Kara Rota (Editor, MacMillan Publishers), Stephen Satterfield (Founder, Whetstone Magazine), Evan Mallett (Chef/Owner of Black Trumpet Bistro, author of A Chef’s Journey Through Eight New England Seasons), Corie Brown (Founder and General Manager, Zester Daily), and Nancy Suttles (Editor/Publisher, Southern Farm & Garden)

Location: The Fox Theatre, 660 Peachtree St. NE, Atlanta, GA 30308.

Seafood Solutions: Fair Trade, Embracing Frozen, Southern Heritage and Making an Impact

Gather with a dynamic group of industry experts to discuss the challenges (and the solutions!) facing seafood purveying, purchasing, and preparation in today’s culinary landscape. Listen to the personal story from Bristol Seafoods on why they decided to pursue Fair Trade certification for their New England fishery and how Fair Trade seafood is making a difference in the social dimension. Understand the increasing opportunity frozen seafood presents from both a quality and sustainability perspective with one of the leaders in frozen-at-sea technology, Blue North Fisheries. Dive into Southern Seafood: Heritage Species of Southern Cuisine with chef Virginia Willis.  To close the conversation, sharpen your pencils Sharpies for a seafood policy primer with Sheila Bowman from the Seafood Watch at the Monterey Bay Aquarium and Katherine Miller, the Senior Director of Food Policy Advocacy at the James Beard Foundation, on how chefs can become advocates for supporting sustainable seafood.   

Experts: Justin Boevers (Director of Operations, Fish Choice), chef Derek Wagner (Nick’s on Broadway), chef Virginia Willis (James Beard Award winning cookbook author, Member of Seafood Watch Blue Ribbon Advisory Board), Sheila Bowman (Manager of Culinary and Strategic Initiatives, Seafood Watch Program, Monterey Bay Aquarium), Katherine Miller (Senior Director, Food Policy Advocacy, James Beard Foundation), Peter Handy (President and CEO, Bristol Seafood), Julie Kuchepatov (Seafood Director, Fair Trade USA), Mike Burns (Founder and Chairman, Blue North Fisheries), chef Andrea Reusing (Lantern), chef Keith Rhodes (Catch), and Michael Dimin (Founding Director, Sea to Table).

Sponsored by: The National Marine Sanctuary Foundation

Location: The Fox Theatre, 660 Peachtree St. NE, Atlanta, GA 30308.

Heritage Grains: Open-Pollinated Solutions for the Bakery, Center of the Plate, and Brewpub

Get a first-hand look at how chefs, bakers, and brewers use heritage grains to create compelling flavors, textures, and stories to tell along with them. Learn how to “just say no” to commodity grains and to just use the good stuff to deliver a more unique experience, command higher prices, and expand profit margins by getting out of the industrial food rat race. Baker Zachary Golper of Bien Cuit in New York will be utilizing world-class modern technique informed by fermentation processes as old as the grains themselves. Chef Paul Fehribach of Big Jones in Chicago will discuss and demonstrate opportunities for using heritage grains to build the center of the plate while creatively moving meat to the side (and subsequently driving your check averages higher while improving your guests’ perception of value). Chef Terry Koval of Wrecking Bar in Atlanta will show how he uses heritage grains in his kitchen to create effective pairings with beer, and why, for many chefs across the U.S., the most sustainable choice for food pairing is beer. Yes, beer will be poured! Andrea Stanley of Valley Malt in Hadley, Massachusetts will discuss the “go local” revolution in brewing, with artisanal malt houses popping up in many locales around the country, using sometimes surprising heritage grains for their brewing customers. Most importantly, learn how to get your hands on the most cutting edge milled goods available to chefs today!

Experts: Chef Paul Fehribach (Big Jones, Chicago), chef Terry Koval (Wrecking Bar, Atlanta), baker Zach Golper (Baker, Bien Cuit, New York City), and Andrea Stanley (Valley Malt)

Location: Wrecking Bar Brewpub, 292 Moreland Ave. NE, Atlanta, GA 30307.

Cutting Food Waste, Adding Flavor: Root to Leaf in the Professional Kitchen with Chef Steven Satterfield

Join James Beard award-winning (and Summit Culinary Host!) chef Steven Satterfield and his team at Miller Union as they discuss systems and techniques in the kitchen to fight food waste. From animal to vegetable to food logs to delivery schedules to everything in between, get a first hand look into Steven’s root to leaf practices. This workshop will be demonstration and an open forum discussion: ideas and suggestions from attendees are welcome!  Your hosts hope you leave inspired and continue to utilize the things you learned after you return home.

Expert: Chef Steven Satterfield (Miller Union, Atlanta)

Location: Miller Union, 999 Brady Ave. NW, Atlanta, GA 30318.

Thrive in Business by Harnessing the Power of Your Beliefs with Ari Weinzweig of Zingerman’s and more

Join Ari Weinzweig of Zingerman’s and Chefs Collaborative Board Chair/Grand Central Bakery Owner Piper Davis in afternoon of exploration into our beliefs and values.  In this session/workshop designed with chef owners and managers in mind, Ari will present his new book The Power of Beliefs in Business and work with attendees on identifying core beliefs.  We will break for a snack and refreshments compliments of Steelight and then reconvene with a dynamic panel of Chefs and food professionals. Led by Piper Davis, this panel  will examine how to use beliefs around people, products, place and profits to get value from their values.

Experts: Ari Weinzweig (Zingerman’s), Piper Davis (Grand Central Baking Company), Steve Palmer (Indigo Road Hospitality Group, Ben’s Friends), Johnny Livesay (Black Star Co-op), Herb Eckhouse (La Quercia), and more!

Location: Steelite, 999 Brady Ave. NW, Ste. 8, Atlanta, GA 30318.