The salmonella outbreak in tomatoes is just the latest in a series of food security scares and has some of the nation’s largest restaurants and supermarkets taking tomatoes of their menus and shelves. With the FDA still clamoring to find a source for the outbreak, they have given consumers the following piece of advice on their website:

“Consumers who are unsure of where the tomatoes are from that they have in their home are encouraged to contact the store or place of purchase for that information. If consumers are unable to determine the source of the tomatoes, they should not be eaten.”

This may seem like common sense, but over the past fifty years, many Americans have lost touch with the source of their food. Most people don’t know where there tomatoes come from, let alone the name of the farm that produced them. This recent food security crisis is just another reason for knowing the source of your food and supporting local farmers, small-scale producers, and your local Chefs Collaborative member restaurants.