It’s Heirloom Harvest Week: A celebration of the New England RAFT Grow-Out.  From October 12th – 18th you can go to Boston, Providence/Newport, RI or Portsmouth, NH to have delicious heirloom vegetables prepared with incredible skill by local chefs.  In the Boston area, it’s been a hard pilot year for the Grow-Out.  Various factors, including the incredibly hard year farmers had, have made project vegetables scarce in the area.  However, all the project chefs have scared up a RAFT Grow-Out veggie or two, and they are doing some amazingly delicious things with them.  Take a look for yourself (and don’t forget to visit one of these establishments to have a taste for yourself, too!):

51 Lincoln

Jeffrey Fournier, Chef/Owner

Bibb and arugula salad, Allandale farm roasted root vegetables, toasted pumpkin seeds and sherry vinaigrette

Craigie on Main

Tony Maws, Chef/Owner

Vermont Organic Chicken Two Ways: Slow-Roasted Breast, Crispy Thigh
schmaltz-braised vegetables, cranberry beans, aged balsamic, bagna cauda


Peter McCarthy, Chef

Spiced Verrill farm Student parsnip cake with pistachio ice cream and sticky toffee sauce

Garden at the Cellar

Will Gilson, Chef

Garden at the Cellar will be changing their Gilfeather turnip-inspired dish every night.

On Wednesday they were serving:
House made chicken and duck liver sausage with caramelized Gilfeather turnips, sunchoke puree, fried sage and brown butter powder

chefscollaborative 250_fixed

Henrietta’s Table

Peter Davis, Chef

Roasted Sibley’s/Pike’s Peak squash and Siena/Sparrow Arc Farm Greens, House Dried Carnberries, Toasted Pumpkin Seed Vinaigrette

chefscollaborative 261

Henrietta’s Table is also offering a side of roasted Student parsnips

Hungry Mother

Barry Maiden, Chef/Owner

A taste of Student Parsnip Soup with Hungry Mother Pancetta

chefscollaborative 272


Michael Leviton, Chef

Allandale Farm Boston Marrow Squash Soup, Spiced Creme Fraiche & Candied Pumpkin Seeds

chefscollaborative 273_fixed


Jody Adams, Chef
Nuno Alves, Sous Chef

Heirloom tomatoes…warm crab bundle, ginger, basil

Local grilled bluefish… corn relish, heirloom tomatoes, pickled peppers

Tastings Wine Bar and Bistro

Richard Garcia, Executive Chef
Matt Maue, Chef de Cuisine

Siberian Sweet Watermelon Cooler

chefscollaborative 282_fixed

Jimmy Nardello Pepper Pinxtos

chefscollaborative 284_fixed

Boston Marrow Squash Flan

chefscollaborative 293_fixed

Tomatsso Trattoria

Justin Melnick, Executive Chef

Ravioli filled with Sibley squash from Verrill farm tossed with brown butter and toasted squash seeds

T.W. Food Restaurant

Tim Wiechmann, Chef

Boston Marrow squash bisque with roasted onion, petite crouton and vanilla whipped cream