Trash Fish Chicago 2013

From our blog: On Monday, May 20, ten of Chicago’s finest chefs proved that there’s really no such thing as trash fish. Working with our environmental partners at Shedd and Monterey Bay Aquariums and Fortune Fish and Gourmet we came up with a species list for our Trash Fish Dinner that read like a who’s who of misrepresented, misunderstood, under-utilized species of fish. The chefs each took a hand at polishing these diamonds in the rough, with delicious results.

Invasive lake species such as Asian Carp and Rainbow Smelt were elevated high above their ill-deserved low culinary stature by chefs like the night’s host, Paul Fehribach of Big Jones, and Laura Piper of Trattoria No. 10. Their preparations of crispy Asian carp cakes and cornmeal crusted smelt were true delights. Read more >>

Highlights from the Dinner:

Trash Fish National Dinners

About Trash Fish Chicago:

Meet the triggerfish, the scup, the asian carp. These are fish that have traditionally been left off menus by chefs, discarded by fishermen, and are virtually unknown to the general public.
During this family-style multi-course dinner, enjoy delicious fish that usually go unnoticed, prepared by ten great chefs from the Chicago area.
Participating chefs:


Paul Fehribach – Big Jones


Bruce Sherman – North Pond

Blackbird Executive Chef Paul Kahan

Paul Kahan – avec, Blackbird, & The Publican

Chef Erling WuBower8

Erling Wu Bower – avec

Screen Shot 2013-04-24 at 12.21.11 PM

Paul Virant – Perennial Virant, Vie

piper head shot

Laura Piper – Trattoria No. 10


Patrick Sheerin – Trenchermen


Michael Sheerin – Trenchermen

Sarah Stegner & George Bumbaris - Prarie Grass Cafe

Sarah Stegner & George Bumbaris – Prarie Grass Cafe

All proceeds benefit the work of Chefs Collaborative.

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