Taste the Wild Sockeye Industry Workshop

September 18, 2016

Boulder, CO

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Bristol Bay is a vast and pristine watershed in Alaska, and home to heritage wild salmon runs. Bristol Bay sockeye salmon are wildly abundant, and come from the greatest salmon run on earth.

W celebrated wild, sustainable sockeye salmon by participating in the Taste the Wild Bristol Bay Sockeye Salmon Workshop and Restaurant Week in Boulder, Colorado.

Bristol Bay is home to the greatest wild sockeye salmon run on earth, and Bristol Bay Sockeye Salmon is a delicious, high-quality food that chefs can feel great about cooking with. Chef Kelly Whitaker, owner of Basta and Chefs Collaborative Boulder/Denver Local Leader, presented a hands-on Bristol Bay Sockeye Salmon Workshop at the Food Lab in Boulder on Monday, September 19th, 2016.

During the three-hour workshop, chef Kelly and seafood experts covered where, how, and why to source and cook with wild, sustainable Bristol Bay Sockeye Salmon. Guests learned techniques for sourcing, cooking, and serving wild sockeye year-round and got to meet with fishermen from Bristol Bay. Participants walked away from the workshop having experienced the unique taste of Bristol Bay Sockeye salmon, and prepared to speak to the incredible story of this pristine resource.

Workshop Details

    • When: Monday, September 18th, 2016 from 11:30am-2:30pm
    • Where: Food Lab, 1825 Pearl St, Boulder, CO 80302
    • RSVP: This workshop was FREE for chefs and food professionals.

Taste the Wild Bristol Bay

Sockeye Salmon Restaurant Week

Week of October 24, 2016

Boulder, CO

The week kicked off with a special dinner at chef Kelly Whitaker’s acclaimed BASTA on Sunday, October 24th. Chefs, food professionals, and food lovers came together in an intimate, collegial setting to taste the unmatched wild flavors of Bristol Bay Sockeye Salmon and celebrate the 2016 fishing season.

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