In March 2013, we held our first-ever Trash Fish Dinner in Boston, MA, and it was a huge success! You can check out a blog post about the event here. And check out photos from the evening here on Facebook.

Trash Fish Dinner

About the event: Meet redfish. Atlantic pollock. Dogfish. These are fish that have traditionally been left off the menu by chefs, discarded by fishermen as bycatch, and virtually unknown to the general public. During this family-style multi-course dinner, folks enjoyed Atlantic fish that fly under the radar, prepared by eight renowned chefs from the Boston area, Rhode Island, and New Hampshire. Plus, a special guest chef from Charleston, South Carolina! All proceeds benefit the work of Chefs Collaborative. Featured Speaker: Barton Seaver – Sustainability Fellow in residence at the New England Aquarium and National Geographic Society Fellow.

The Chefs:


Rich Garcia, 606 Congress – Boston, MA


Larry Leibowitz, Culinary Director | Guckenheimer

Michael Leviton,

Michael Leviton, Chef/Owner | Lumiere and Area Four – Cambridge, MA

Evan Mallett, Black Trumpet Bistro

Evan Mallett, Chef/Owner | Black Trumpet Bistro – Portsmouth, NH

Mary Reilly, Enzo Restaurant & Bar - Newburyport, MA

Mary Reilly, Chef/Owner | Enzo Restaurant & Bar – Newburyport, MA

Jake Rojas, Tallulah on Thames - RI

Jake Rojas, Chef/Owner | Tallulah on Thames – Newport, RI

Michael Scelfo, Russell House Tavern - MA

Michael Scelfo, Executive Chef | Russell House Tavern – Cambridge, MA

Derek Wagner, Nick's on Broadway

Derek Wagner, Chef/Owner | Nick’s on Broadway – Providence, RI

And, we are thrilled to announce a special guest chef from Charleston, South Carolina!


Drew Hedlund, Executive Chef | Fleet Landing Restaurant & Bar – Charleston, SC

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