In partnership with like-minded organizations, we offer Member-only Scholarships throughout the year!


In partnership with Niman Ranch, we are able to offer a Members-only Scholarship for chefs to participate in the Niman Ranch Hog Farmer Appreciation Weekend in September 2018.

Congratulations to our Chefs Collaborative and Niman Ranch Scholars: Adam Hegsted (Eat Good Group, WA), Daniel Muggli (Bon Appetit at Google Seattle, WA), Sonya Yelder (Smith College Dining Services, MA)!

These three chefs traveled to Iowa in September 2018, toured A Frame Acres, learned about responsible animal husbandry, and participated in a special dinner celebrating Niman Ranch hog farmers.

“Thank you Chefs Collaborative and Niman Ranch! This was both an awe-inspiring and enlightening weekend. The tour hosted by A Frame Acres was a true highlight. Being able to connect with family farmers and a company like Niman Ranch shows that there is a right way to do things. When we concern ourselves with the food system as a whole, great things like this are what happen. Family farms stay in families for generations, knowledge is passed to young farmers, farmers are able to succeed and thrive, and the people get a product that is held to the highest standard. That standard extends from animal welfare, to environmental stewardship, to fair market value, to the supplier network, and well beyond. And what you see on your plate or offered in your local restaurant had positive impact at each step in its journey.” -Daniel Muggli, 2018 Scholar (left)


Thanks to the Julia Child Foundation for Gastronomy and the Culinary Arts, Atlanta Local chefs, Local groups across the country and the Chefs Collaborative Good Food Fund for making 25 Scholarships possible for 2017! Congratulations to our 2017 cohort!

  • Ann Marie Stefaney, Heirloom Restaurant, NC
  • Ryan Rison, Bouquet Restaurant, KY
  • Norberto Piattoni, METTA, NY
  • Mavis-Jay Sanders, Pico House, CA
  • Sarah Ecolano, Copper River Fish Market, AK
  • Damian Evangelous, Armsby Abbey, MA
  • Ana Plana, Florida International University, Miami Culinary Institute, MAST Academy, FL
  • Ashley Auer, Cooks & Soldiers, GA
  • Tyler Earle, Joinery, NH
  • Brandon Teachout, Durks BBQ, RI
  • Jeff Deloff, Threepenny Cafe, VA
  • Anna Mercer, Commercial Fisheries Research Foundation, RI
  • Austin Navarre, Chelsea Farms Oyster Bar, WA
  • Jenn Peterson, Pine Street Kitchen, Pine Street Bakery, OR
  • Matthew Gennuso, Chez Pascal, RI
  • Kate Medley, storyteller and documentarian, NC
  • Sarah Adams, self-employed chef, SC
  • Hudson Rouse, Rising Son, GA
  • Helen McIntosh, Sweet Beet Bistro, NY
  • Charlie Negrete, L.A. Kitchen, CA
  • Wes Norton, Edible Island, ME
  • Jose Rojas, Louies Modern Sarasota, FL
  • Danny Bungenstock, Cincinnati State, OH
  • Mark Woodruff, MADE Restaurant, FL
  • Victoria Lane, Preux & Proper, CA


In partnership with Niman Ranch, we were able to offer a Members-only Scholarship for chefs to participate in the Niman Ranch Hog Farmer Appreciation Weekend in August 2016. Congratulations to the 2016 Chefs Collaborative and Niman Ranch Scholars: Michelle Lainez (Border Grill, CA), Larry Leibowitz (Bambolina, MA; Chefs Collaborative Local Leader), Nathan Morgan (Pine Street Kitchen, OR), Kristian Niemi (Bourbon, SC; Chefs Collaborative Local Leader), Paul Reilly (beast + bottle, CO). These five chefs and our Executive Director Holly Haddad traveled to Iowa with Chefs Collaborative and Niman Ranch from August 25-27th, tour Alderland Farm, learned about responsible animal husbandry, and participated in a special dinner celebrating Niman Ranch hog farmers. 

More than 70 chefs and students applied for our 2016 Chefs Collaborative Summit Scholarship. The below Scholars traveled to New York City with us and participated in the 7th Annual Chefs Collaborative Summit April 10-12th, 2016. Congratulations!

  • Austin Bailey, Wesley Acres Retirement, IA
  • Clark Barlowe, Heirloom Restaurant, NC
  • Laura Cole, 229 Parks Restaurant, AK
  • William Flumerfelt, Community Servings, Share Our Strength, MA
  • Isaac Johnson, Bon Vivant, FL
  • David Johnson, Rhode Island School of Design, RI
  • Christopher Kleyla, Red Strip Brasserie, RI
  • Terry Koval, Wrecking Bar Brewpub, GA
  • Travis Maier, La Soupe, OH
  • Joe Melanson, Newport Restaurant Group, RI
  • Kyle Mendenhall, CO
  • Lamar Moore, The Smoke Daddy, IL
  • Jeff Osaka, Osaka Ramen, CO
  • Shanna Pacifico, Extra Fancy, NY
  • Kyle Roberts, Bouquet Restaurant and Wine Bar, KY
  • Jessica Wilson, Dear Bushwick, NY

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2015 Niman Ranch Scholars
Six Member chefs traveled with us to Iowa at the end of September to tour Alderland Farm and participate in the 2015 Niman Ranch Hogfarmer Appreciation Weekend.

  • Anthony Fassio (Great Performances, NY)
  • Eric Gabrynowicz (Restaurant North, Market North, NY)
  • Brian Goodman (The Greenhouse Tavern, OH)
  • Nicole Pederson (Found Kitchen, IL)
  • Laura Rowland (Patagonia, CA)
  • Cathy Whims (Nostrana, Oven & Shaker, Hamlet, OR)

2015 Chefs Collaborative and Bristol Bay Scholar
Member chef William Dissen of The Marketplace in Asheville, NC received the 2015 Chefs Collaborative and Bristol Bay Regional Seafood Development Association Scholarship. He traveled to Bristol Bay, Alaska to tour fishing communities and  learn about Bristol Bay’s wild, sustainable sockeye salmon fishery. You can read more about his “epic” adventure in the Asheville Mountain Xpress

2015 Chefs Collaborative and Natural Gourmet Institute Scholar
Member chef Paul Reilly of beast + bottle in Denver, Colorado received the 2015 Chefs Collaborative and Natural Gourmet Institute Scholarship. He traveled with us to New York and participated in NGI’s Sustainable Meat Certificate Program. He spent 10 days with NGI in New York City, learned about sustainable meat fabrication techniques, and meet with chefs and food professionals from across the country.  

“It was an honor to receive this Scholarship, and I made connections that will last a lifetime, working and networking with chefs and industry professionals from some of New York’s best restaurants.”

2014 Chefs Collaborative Summit Scholars

  • Ben Cantone (Tallulah’s Taqueria, RI)
  • Ed Crouse (Bakery ATL, GA)
  • Jaret Foster (Portland Farmers Market, OR)
  • David Gould (RISD, RI)
  • Ari Kolender (Leon’s Fine Poultry & Oyster Shop, SC)
  • Matt Louis (Moxy, NH)
  • Stephen Mancini (Restaurant North, Market North, NY)
  • Brett McClavy (The Cheese Shop, IA)
  • Samuel Monsour (CA)
  • Tobie Robinson (Parsnips, CO)
  • Nathan Turner (Boone Tavern Hotel & Restaurant, KY)

2014 Chefs Collaborative and Niman Ranch Scholars

  • Jason Bond (Bondir, MA)
  • Laura Heinlein (Grand Central Bakery, WA)
  • David LeFevre (MB Post, CA)
  • Peter McCarthy (EVOO, Za, MA)
  • Steve Phelps (Indigenous, FL
  • Kelly Whitaker (Basta, Cart-Driver, CO)

2013 Chefs Collaborative Summit Scholars

  • Kristi Brown Wokoma (That Brown Girl Cooks, WA)
  • Katie Carey (NY)
  • William Dissen (The Market Place Restaurant, NC)
  • Asha Gomez (Cardamom Hill, GA)
  • Jay Pierce (Lucky 32, NC)
  • Mary Reilly (Edible Pioneer Valley, MA)
  • Mark Segal (Tinios Hospitality Group, NH)
  • Eric Skokan (Black Cat Bistro, CO)
  • Champe Speidel (Persimmon, RI)
  • Brendan Vesey (Joinery, NH)
  • Kelly Whitaker (Basta, Cart-Driver, CO)

2013 Chefs Collaborative and Niman Ranch Scholars

  • James Briscione (Institue for Culinary Education, NY)
  • Ann Cooper (Chef Ann Foundation, CO)
  • Sara Curtis-Fawley (Pacific Pie Company, OR)
  • Paul Fehribach (Big Jones, IL)
  • Jim Gallivan (Art Institute of Atlanta, GA)
  • Drew Hedlund (Fleet Landing, SC)
  • Bruce Ozga (Johnson and Wales, FL)
  • Deborah Scarborough (Black Cat Bistro, CA)
  • Derek Wagner (Nicks on Broadway, RI)
  • Matt Weingarten (Dig Inn Seasonal Market, NY)

2012 Chefs Collaborative Summit Scholars

  • Valerie Broussard (V. Broussard Consulting, TX)
  • Michael Carmel (Culinary Institute of Charleston, SC)
  • Mike Lata (FIG, The Ordinary, SC)
  • Clara Moore (Knife for Hire Picnic Foods, WA)
  • Michael Scelfo (Alden & Harlow, MA)
  • Beau Vestal (New Rivers Bistro, RI)


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