Chef Power Hours are monthly conference calls that gather experts, journalists, and chefs around the table to discuss critical issues in our food system. Calls are posted online, along with resources for taking action, so that chefs and food professionals can access information and learn at their own pace.

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November 2016: Meat Matters – what chefs need to know in 2016


  • Adam Danforth (Butcher, Educator, Chefs Collaborative Board Member)
  • Nina Farley (Compassion in World Farming)
  • Katy Keiffer (Heritage Radio Network)
  • Mike Lorentz (Lorentz Meats)
  • Arlin Wasserman (Changing Tastes)
  • Chef Derek Wagner (Nicks On Broadway, Chefs Collaborative Board Member)

September 2016: How to influence food policy


    • Claire Benjamin DiMattina (Food Policy Action)
    • Chef Evan Mallett (Black Trumpet, Chefs Collaborative Board Member, Author of Black Trumpet: A Chef’s Journey Through Eight New England Seasons)
    • Celinda Lake (Lake Research Partners)
    • Katherine Miller (James Beard Foundation)

AUGUST 2016: What Chefs Can Do About Food Waste
Getting food from the farm to our fork eats up 10% of the total U.S. energy budget, uses 50% of U.S. land, and swallows 80% of all freshwater consumed in the United States. Yet, 40% of food in the U.S. today goes uneaten. Listen to this Chef Power Hour to learn how chefs can tackle food waste in the professional kitchen.

Featuring: Dana Gunders (Natural Resources Defense Council), Katherine Miller (James Beard Foundation), Danielle Nierenberg (Food Tank), Chef Steven Satterfield (Miller Union, Chefs Collaborative Local Leader), and Betsy Barrett (Food Policy Action). This Chef Power Hour was sponsored by Greener Fields Together.

MAY 2016: What Chefs Need to Know About Farmworkers’ Rights
There are about 2.5 million farmworkers who work on US farms and ranches, cultivating and harvesting our crops and caring for livestock. Farmworkers’ average annual income is just $11,000, making them the second lowest paid workforce in the nation*.

Learn about what chefs need to know about this critically important issue by listening to our latest Chef Power Hour with Barry Estabrook (Author of Tomatoland and Pig Tales), chef Andrea Reusing (Lantern, The Durham, former Chefs Collaborative Board Member), Maisie Ganzler (Chief Strategy and Brand Officer, Bon Appétit Management Co.), Gerardo Reyes (Coalition of Immokalee Workers), and Soren Bjorn (Executive Vice President, Driscoll’s of the Americas). This Chef Power Hour was sponsored by Driscoll’s.

APRIL 2016: Eat It To Save it – Oceans
What’s working when it comes to managing our dwindling fishing stocks and protecting America’s fishing communities? Some chefs are serving so-called “trash fish,” others are calling us off the ocean altogether. Others still encourage us to think beyond just fish when it comes to eating our ocean (or not eating it) to save it. Listen as chef Bun Lai (Miya’s Sushi), chef Michael Leviton (Former Board Chair, Chefs Collaborative), author Simran Sethi, Seafood Watch’s Sheila Bowman, and Environmental Defense Fund’s Roxanne Nanninga discuss how we can best protect the health of our world’s oceans for the next generation.

MARCH 2016: What Makes a Healthy Kitchen?

What makes a kitchen healthy for employees? Healthy food for restaurant workers? One wage for FOH & BOH? Paid time off? Listen to Saru Jayaraman (Restaurant Opportunities Center United), chef Evan Hanczor (Egg), Kat Kinsman (Tasting Table) and Andrew Friedman (Toqueland, The Front Burner with Jimmy and Andrew) as they dive into approaches for creating a healthy kitchen, restaurant, and environment.

FEBRUARY 2016: 2016 Good Food Trends

Join 2015 James Beard Outstanding Chef Michael Anthony (Gramercy Tavern, Untitled) Mitchell Davis (James Beard Foundation), Founding Member and chef Mary Sue Milliken (Border Grill Restaurants), Advisory Board Member and chef Michel Nischan (Wholesome Wave), Board Chair chef Matt Weingarten (Dig Inn Seasonal Market) for our first Chef Power Hour of the year: 2016 Good Food Trends.

DECEMBER 2015: Beyond the plate: how chefs and craft brewers are re-thinking menus

Do you have a beverage program at your restaurant or business? Have you thought about how your beverage program connects to your menu, and to good food? Join Ken Grossman (Founder, Sierra Nevada Brewing Company), Doug Constantiner (Founder, Societe Brewing Co.), Adam Dulye (Chef, Brewers Association), Yanni Kehagiaras (Bar Manager, NOPA, Nopalito, Liholiho Yacht Club), Bart Watson, Ph.D. (Chief Economist, Brewers Association) and Corie Brown (Entrepreneur, Zester Daily, Chefs Collaborative Board Member) Beyond the Plate. Listen as these master brewers, chefs, and food professionals explore the good food and good business visions that are shared by chefs and craft brewers across the country. You’ll learn how sourcing beer from craft breweries impacts your menu and restaurant, why choosing beer brewed sustainably matters, the questions to ask your distributors, and how a beverage program that incorporates craft beer can augment your business. This call was generously sponsored by

NOVEMBER 2015: What chefs need to know about good pork

Join Members Barry Estabrook (author), Paul Willis (Niman Ranch), and chef Stephen Phelps (Indigenous, Sarasota Local Leader, 2014 Chefs Collaborative and Niman Ranch Scholar) to hear timely stories from the front lines of pork production in the U.S. Together, we’ll explore how chefs and food professionals are moving the dial forward when it comes to sourcing good meat, and serving good food. This call was generously sponsored by Niman Ranch.

JUNE 2015: Slow Meat report back from chefs and food professionals

Slow Meat gathered producers, chefs, butchers, and thought leaders to learn about industrial animal husbandry, and to celebrate alternatives. During this conference call, Erin Fairbanks (Heritage Radio) moderated a lively conversation with Slow Food USA’s Megan Larmer, Carrie Balkcom (American Grassfed), chef Bob Perry (Univ. of Kentucky), and Sara Brito (Chefs Collaborative). Together, they shared stories from Slow Meat as well as key takeaways for chefs and food professionals.

MAY 2015: What Chefs Need to Know About the California Drought

Click here for more information about this call and the California drought, including information and resources about drought. This call was generously sponsored by Driscoll’s and Greener Fields Together.

MARCH 2015: Can Veggies Take the Center of the Plate?

Click here for more information about this call and and vegetable consumption in the U.S., including resources to help you cook “root to stalk.” This call was generously sponsored by Greener Fields Together.

FEBRUARY 2015: What Chefs Need to Know About Antibiotics Misuse

Click here for more information about this call and antibiotics misuse, including resources to help chefs and food professionals source meat raised without the overuse of antibiotics.

JANUARY 2015: What Chefs Need to Know About West Coast Groundfish

Click here for more information about this call, and West Coast groundfish. This call was generously sponsored by Seafood Watch and Environmental Defense Fund.


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