We are very pleased to have the opportunity to send 10 Chefs Collaborative members to Niman Ranch’s 14th Annual Hog Farmer Appreciation Dinner and a visit to Paul Willis’ farm in Iowa, this coming August 16 to 17, 2013.

Paul Willis was honored with our Pathfinder Award last year, which recognizes a visionary who has helped to transform our food system. Chefs in our network who have had the opportunity to attend this annual event in the past have returned home transformed by the experience of seeing firsthand what the humane and environmentally conscious alternative to pork production in our country looks like.

Eligible participants are chefs who are committed to raising awareness that good food starts on the farm and are current members of Chefs Collaborative. Application deadline is June 15, 2013.

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Paul Willis and Hog

Please contact us if you have any questions. Click here for more information about last year’s Hog Farmer Appreciation Dinner and see below to apply for an all-expense paid weekend with Niman Ranch in August.

Niman Ranch Hog Appreciation Dinner Niman Ranch Dinner
Paul Willis Farm Tour Paul Willis & Barry Estabrook