Name: Wyatt Sarbacker

Location: Lancaster, KY

What drives your passion for sustainable farming? It’s the responsible thing to do. Good, clean food tastes better, and is better for everyone involved. Only take what you need, utilize all of it, and try to give back as often as possible. 

What’s a future project you’re excited about? I am working on a project based in Lexington that will, among other things, do as much as possible to cook in season, and utilize food waste and ideally bring access to good, clean food in an area that is otherwise a low-income and low-access neighborhood. 

How do you help to change menus in order to change lives? Chefs and purchasers have the power to change the food system. I’ve developed many relationships with farmers and producers in the area, and I often find myself basing menus for events on what is immediately available. Being flexible as a chef and being able to use the odds and ends makes a big difference. I recently cooked for an event that utilized two whole lamb, and the vegetables were what was immediately available from the on-site garden. I think I got a rough list three days before, and the produce was harvested about 48 hours before the event. I’m almost certain that the lamb were out grazing 5 days before the event.

What are your thoughts on minimizing food waste? It is a critical issue that needs to become a bigger conversation with chefs, producers, and anyone involved in food production. Better management of food waste could help a huge amount of people who live in areas where it may be otherwise inaccessible.