Name: Steven Satterfield
Restaurant: Miller Union
City, State: Atlanta, GA
Chefs Collaborative Atlanta Local Leader

What’s the one thing you’re excited to change on your menu in 2015? I’m excited about continuing to use more ingredients that inspire me, like the beautiful purple cauliflower and speckled Treviso radicchio that we just got in today from Woodland Gardens in Athens, the vermilion snapper that we have coming in off the coast of South Carolina, benne seed oil from my buddy Clay Oliver in south Georgia, the grass-fed beef roast beef sandwich that we are serving at lunch with gruyere and green tomatoes, the first of the new vidalia onions from South Georgia, small unwaxed rutabagas from Crystal Organics and the La Spinetta wine dinner that we are doing in a couple of weeks! I had fun tasting through that portfolio last night!”

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