Why I am who I am:

Born and raised on Bainbridge Island, Washington, my move to Wellesley, Massachusetts to attend Babson College was a huge cultural leap. Such an abrupt shift from the cultural bubble of Bainbridge Island showed me a world similar in many ways and so different in many others. My classmates and professors walked and talked faster than I, and the comforts of Bainbridge were far away.

However, in this shift I began to realize the incredible luck I had as child to grow up with the freedom to explore my natural landscape. On one small island in Puget Sound were miles and miles of beaches, forests, farms, and even wetlands. I was always aware I had a unique childhood, but I never quite grasped how unique until meeting classmates from nearly every state and seemingly every country of the world!

I realized within just a few days at Babson how different all of these student’s experiences were. It took me a little longer to realize, even with all of the differences and conflicts our communities had to separate them, a strong food culture was a common thread that brought us together. Whether it was respecting a roommate’s fast during Ramadan, trying a neighbor’s excessively spicy homemade crackers sent from family in India, or sharing a love of jalapeño pizza with a friend from Ghana, I was constantly able to use both differences and similarities in food cultures to relate to people around me.

An instilled respect for community, human and wild, and a respect for the uniting properties of food has transformed into a passion for creating opportunity for others to feel the same passion towards their food as I do.

Why I want to work with Chefs Collaborative:

I saw Chefs Collaborative as an amazing place to start integrating my passion for the natural world and food cultures into meaningful and impactful results. The culinary field is an ideal place for a community to share with others their unique relationship with local and seasonal products. Working with producers and chefs to convey this message seems to me like an incredible source of change.

What I can bring to the table:

Approaching the world of social change as a business major with a focus in entrepreneurship and a rediscovered passion for writing and communicating has taken me on many turbulent journeys. I have traversed through lessons on efficiency at all costs and profits as king, and ended up on the other side with a deep understanding of what my passion is up against. A childhood of lessons about connection to a place and personal expression brings me to a place that I hope to merge my two sets of skills to produce helpful and effective materials for the Chefs Collaborative network.

I will be researching, writing and blogging all summer and hope to meet and learn from many of you along the way! Feel free to email me at morgan@chefscollaborative.org.