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Some people call me a social media mistress, others call me a maniacal foodie. You can call me Mallory, Chefs Collaborative’s newest Communications Intern. I hail from an itty bitty town in Connecticut but went to college at Boston University and have been an adopted Bostonian ever since. I studied Art History and Anthropology in college (mostly because I like to look at art and talk about people) which led to an unhealthy obsession with travel which I indulged in, of course. After graduating in 2009, I set off on a series of adventures throughout Europe, Asia, and the Caribbean working as a travel writer and professional Facebooker (see? social media mistress!). Believe me, it sounds way more glamorous than it actually was. While I loved writing about all of my adventures whether they were sailing across seas or scaling terrifyingly steep mountains in Switzerland, I realized that my favorite thing to do was EAT. I get the greatest of thrills when I arrive in a new place and the first thing I get to do is go to the grocery store. I am intrigued by local flavors because I truly believe that a culture is defined by what they eat, how they prepare it, and how they consume it (there you go, the Anthropologist in me is coming out!) Plus I just really love eating new foods-who doesn’t? The most important thing I took from my travel-eating is that the fresher the food and the more local it is, the better it tastes-an epiphany!-and how much more common this is in other parts of the world. Why don’t more people eat what is grown in their back yard? Many of the places I have visited live this sustainable lifestyle out of necessity (no Costco!) yet the flavors in their food and the cultural connection to creating/consuming food is so strong. We can do this too.

I am committed to learning about cultures through their food and encouraging my own peers to truly become what they eat. I truly feel that by eating locally, we can create a sustainable community that will nurture us in return! I’m an avid adventurer, an aspiring foodie, an amateur baker and have an adventurous spirit that never lets me down. While traveling the world and experiencing new cultures through their food has (and always will be) one of the most impressive experiences, encouraging my peers to embrace a “local lifestyle” at home has truly become my passion.  I am really looking forward to contributing my passion for sustainability and the culinary industry at large, to Chefs Collaborative and learning all I can from this organization.

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