Today I was scrolling through – one of my personal faves for staying on top of social media and tech news – and I saw this: The Munchery.

What is it? It’s a budding new online marketplace that connects consumers with local, professional chefs.

Through the Munchery, people can order food from their favorite local chefs and have it delivered to their doors. The average cost of a dinner is about $15, and each meal comes with re-heat instructions. You can even leave a cooler outside of your house and they’ll drop it off. (Really.)

The Munchery claims to feature local ingredients – which initially made me a HUGE fan – but I suppose that varies according to the chefs’ choices. And there are no specific requirements. I’d love to hear more from them on sustainability… I should also note that the Munchery is pretty new, but they raised $4 million in startup funding – which caught my eye.

What is perhaps most interesting is that the focus is on the chefs, not the restaurants. So, when you place an order you choose to order food from Michael Mina, rather than the specific restaurant. It’s kind of like the “personal chef” gone digital.

Chefs can contact them to get listed as a provider, and I’m sure (read: I hope) there is a vetting process to ensure quality. On average, they say their participating chefs have 13 years experience.

As a chef, do you find this appealing, appalling, exciting? Or none of the above? I’m curious, as someone relatively new to the scene. I can tell you on the consumer side – if it makes supporting a local chef easier, I’d rather buy your prepared food than food that may have been frozen or landed here from far away. I also love a good twist on doing business.

Right now – the Munchery is only in the Bay Area. Rumor has it they are on the move to New York, Seattle and Los Angeles, though.