Well, it has certainly been a storied week in food – our Facebook and Twitter posts can attest to this – but here are a few things that you may have missed: Yesterday we put up a link to Marion Nestle’s critique of Walmart’s promise for more healthy food initiatives, and promised to bring you more. With this in mind, we present an opinionated article from Grist and an at a distance glance from the Wall Street Journal.

The Wall Street Journal points out that Walmart “has been ratcheting up efforts to convert existing stores into supercenters”. Interestingly, the role of many national retailers, not classically thought of as grocers, seems to be changing. The New York Times reports “Big Retailers Fill More Aisles With Groceries.”

The food stocking these shelves and the shelves of food sources everywhere remains a hot topic in light of the fact that Californian dairy cows are being “drugged up,” children’s health foods might not be that healthy, lawmakers are mulling over the issue of genetically engineered alfalfa, and the mercury levels in fish for consumption may be much higher than previously thought. This at the outset of a large marketing campaign for canned tuna.

Briefly, that’s the week in review. Have a wonderful weekend.