The way that end of the week news review generally works is I keep a file of bookmarks of “overflow “ throughout the week and you get to see all that overflow in a wrap-up. Well it has been a tumultuous week  in the world especially in Egypt and while many are ready to speculate that rising food prices are partially to blame for rising civil unrest, here at home my overflow is meager. Although thank you for following along on Facebook and Twitter in increasing numbers and reducing my need for an overflow.

So here’s what you haven’t heard from us—the UN is reporting that fish consumption is at a record high. No real surprise there, Salmon even made it into the Whitehouse this past week for all of the President’s visiting Republican leaders. Let’s hope that the butter used in the meal wasn’t flame retardent, and that the President’s fish was sourced more progressively than his stance on reforming food systems in the U.S.

But let’s end on a more positive note: Congratulations to member Willamette Valley Vinyards for Taking Best in Show at the 2011 Portland Wine and Seafood.

Until next week: Happy Valentines weekend.