So here we are at another Friday news wrap-up. While admittedly food new hasn’t been the hornets’ nest of activity this week that it has in weeks past, as many of you know, food is always happening. The changing seasons are apparently happening too.  Whether or not you believe in Puxatony Phil’s 2011 prediction for an early spring, (and for those of you on the East coast, whether or not you can see past the feet high snow-banks) member Carol Murko brings us news that lambing has begun.

Perhaps some of this seasonal lamb will end up in the kind of  C.S.A’s our member The Food Change is happy to report help feed those in need in New York City. Either way, community support of agriculture is on the rise. This is good news for the younger generations of Americans since, with the new Farm Bill, the average age of farmers in the United States may potentially drop. And thanks to member White Oak Pastures these young farmers in Georgia, Florida, and Alabama will finally have a place to slaughter their sustainably raised poultry.

Well that, roughly, is the week in food. Until next time have a great weekend