Welcome back to the end of the week news wrap-up. Let’s start off with another shameless plug for our Facebook and Twitter feeds. We don’t repeat news items in the wrap-up so please be sure that you follow along. That being said, I’m going to go ahead and break that rule right away and cover something we posted last night. The biggest story in food nationally this week is surely the decision of the USDA to completely deregulate the planting of GE alfalfa. One of our members, Barry Estabrook, writes about it here on his Politics of the Plate blog.

What will be interesting to see following this decision is how various group react to the news, as alfalfa is the United State’s fourth largest agricultural crop, feeding, among other things, the cows that bring us milk and beef. If Grist has its facts right any action in the matter will probably start at the local level because local initiatives are on the up and up, as is the case with chickens in Washington.

While we are on the subject of local initiatives, just across the river from the Chefs Collaborative office, member Cambridge Brewing Company has entered into a collaboration of a different sort, with Victory Brewing and Stone Brewing, for what they call “Project Venus.” Let’s hope the project garners the kind of accolades that member Chef to Go Gourmet Catering recently received from WeddingWire, or that member Sonja Finn of Dinette is up for from Food and Wine.

Well, that’s another week.  If you are a member out there and have anything to add – be in touch! In the meantime, have a great weekend.