As we rang in 2014 with family and friends this week, our team had some time to reflect on our work, and what motivates us all year long.

happy-new-year-wallpaperI know that one major driver of our work is that we are all committed to building a more sustainable food landscape. We want to help create a world where quality ingredients are commonplace, instead of the exception. Personally, one of my new years resolutions is to learn as much as I can about the misuse of antibiotics in animal production, so that we can best support you all as we take action on this issue together.

And all this reflection made me want to ask you: do you have a New Years Resolution about food, sustainability, and ideally both? We’d love to hear it!

Please share your New Years Resolution below, or post your resolution on Twitter and tag us @chefscollab!

Happy New Year,

The Chefs Collab. Team