There have been countless victims of industrial-scale fishing worldwide, and America’s oldest fishing port, though once sustaining the Massachusetts Bay Colony, is no exception. Gloucester’s famous cod have reached record lows, significantly affecting the community that surrounded and supported it. Today, only a few hundred boats of thousands are still working. In order to save this fishery while guaranteeing the future of the cod and haddock, artisan methods must be passed down to ensure the maintenance of the fish habitat.

CleanFish, a leading seafood brokerage company, has started taking steps to amend the problem of quickly disappearing fish. With a dedication to great tasting, sustainably produced, artisan seafood, both wild-caught and farmed, CleanFish is working to promote innovative producers with sustainable practice as well as responsible consumers. In their most recent venture, Blackburn’s Day Boat Cod & Haddock, cod and haddock is caught purely by jig and by hook, defined as the most environmentally responsible choice avoiding the dangerous problems of habitat destruction and bycatch.

Catching cod by a jig involves a rod and reel with a shiny metal bobble and unbaited hook. Exclusively cod are attracted to this shiny jig, and the larger jigs ensure only mature, larger cod will be caught. The 50 foot line of successive that sits on the ocean floor where cod and haddock swim is defined as hook fishing, and is monitored frequently to ensure that juvenile fish are released back alive.

This level of transparency that CleanFish is helping to enact is unlike any other fishery in the North Atlantic, allowing chefs and consumers feel comfortable about the seafood choices they make. Chefs and consumers can tell others exactly what fisherman caught their meal.

CleanFish hopes that this program in Gloucester will help establish a platform to help change the state of our world’s seafood industry.

The fishing season and Blackburn’s Day Boat Cod & Haddock kick off this Monday. The fish will be available through distributors across the country.  Contact for more information.