It’s been an exciting couple of weeks announcing our Summit Scholarship winners! We have another inspiring chef to introduce you today. Edward Crouse shares his thoughts on what steps chefs need to take to make this movement successful and what he’s most looking forward to at this year’s Summit:

Great to have you, Edward. Could you start by sharing a little about your bakery?CrouseHS.1

The bread programs at Whole Foods Market are certainly unique for a nation wide grocer. We have organic hand shaped hearth breads provided daily in all 371 stores. We also are the only national grocers to produce our own line of gluten free breads.

What’s the most important issue for chefs right now?

We have got to uncover better ways of disseminating the information we have as chef regarding sustainability. We are some of the culinary communities biggest voices and advocates so clearly and effectively articulating the messages of sustainability needs to be a priority.

What are you most excited to experience at this year’s Summit?

I am so pumped to experience this intersection of unique backgrounds, minds, ideas and professions that all feed into this common cause. I truly believe in the power of interdisciplinary discourse and collaboration and the Summit is a wonderful opportunity for both.

Great to hear from another mover and shaker of the Food Revolution! Join us with Edward at this year’s Summit. For tickets and more info: