From the ground to your belly: Adventures with a Farmer and Chef

When members Chef Joshua Smith of Local Roots in Roanoke, Virginia and Dr. Craig Rogers of Border Springs Farm first met, their future working together was, at best, uncertain. Because the life and schedules of farmers and chefs are so different, it’s hard to have a good understanding of one another, sometimes causing the first interaction to end any relationship before it starts. Thankfully, despite their less than perfect introduction, involving a Friday dinner rush, a fired sous chef, mysterious visitors, and unsold blueberries, these two connected.

Now, aside from a great supply of fish, fruits of the relationship, among much else include accessible and relevant information for farmers looking to connect with chefs. Chef Joshua Smith notes a few must-do’s, as well as several things to avoid when a farmer is approaching a chef. Importantly, he invites all to contribute to the conversation as every farm is different, as is every restaurant’s personality. If you are interested, check out the blog here, or for more information about approaching chefs or approaching farmers, Chefs Collaborative also has a few tips here. However, nurturing farmer-chef relationships isn’t all the Farmer and the Chef explore in their lively blog. Other posts have and will include commentary on pertinent food issues, as well as trips to farms, CSA’s, farmer’s markets, and other food related businesses. With their first trip detailing Benton’s Smoked Country Ham’s, we’re eager to see what the Farmer and the Chef have in store for the future. To stay updated on their progress visit their blog, and twitter page.

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  1. richard hojna February 24, 2010 at 11:56 am

    many years ago i was the purchaser for the rattlesnake club in detroit. I was asked by the chef to visit a local farm to see what the chances were that she would work with us. I was suprised and it worked out well over several years.

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