As I’ve been sifting through the vast amounts of information on Facebook and Twitter, I’ve noticed how heavy my News Feed is with major blogs and publications chock full of food policy news.  However, what I really want, is to know what you’re all up to.  What are you cooking?  What farms or chefs are you working with?  How are your sustainability efforts going?  Are there any little victories (no matter how small) or challenges (no matter how big) that you could share?

Think of me as your bulletin board.  I’m here to help funnel information.  Tell me what’s working, tell me about your events, tell me what you need help with, tell me what you want to learn about.  Let me be your shameless promoter!  It’s just another perk of membership at Chefs Collaborative.  Talk with us on Facebook or Twitter and let us help you!

Please help me give a warm welcome to some of our new members:

Mass Restaurant Association
Haley House Cafe
Falmouth Farmer’s Market
Restaurant Eugene
Morrison Healthcare Food Services
Corner Table Restaurant
Chauncey’s Garden
Porrett Homestead TLC Farm
The International
Colorado Mountain College
Starfish Brasserie
Cambridge Farmer’s Market
Amavi Restaurant