Vermont Chevon
A Meat Matters Story

Chefs and food professionals have enormous buying power, and this power means that what they choose to buy for their businesses can help build demand for more sustainable meat, open new markets, and serve as a positive example for all eaters. Chefs Collaborative hosts Meat Matters industry workshops, field trips, butchery demonstrations and dining events to help educate and inspire fellow professionals and all eaters about sustainable meat options.

Photo credit: David Dadekian, Eat Drink RI

In October 2018, hundreds of Rhode Islanders came together to enjoy an evening of delicious food, drink and an inspired sense of community at the 9th Annual RI Harvest BBQ. Chefs Collaborative Local Leader chef Jake Rojas and Board Co-Chair chef Derek Wagner, the event hosts, bring together a stellar group of chefs and mixologists each year who prioritize sustainability and are working to build a better food system.

Photo credit: David Dadekian, Eat Drink RI

Vermont Chevon, a Chefs Collaborative Business Member, was a gracious sponsor for the 2018 event, donating a whole goat. Their goal is to encourage the consumption of goat meat, a product that could greatly benefit our environment (source: Goat Meat Could Save Our Food System, But We’re Too Afraid To Eat It, Huffpost).

From the Vermont Chevon website: “Vermont dairy goat farms have an international reputation for producing superb milk and cheese. This success resulted in a surplus of high-quality livestock that were not consistently being used as a food source. The potential of adding value and sustainability for dairy goat farms was tremendous. We are working with farms throughout Vermont to source high quality transition goats.”

Through participation in the RI Harvest BBQ, Shirley Richardson, founder of Vermont Chevon, was able to connect with industry and community members, including instructors from Johnson & Wales who are now interested in organizing chevon demos for their students. The VC team’s greatest takeaway? “How gratifying to see those people line up for goat meat – big hurdle!”

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