Name: Samantha Buyskes
Location: Three Brothers Wineries & Estates/H.J. Stead Co., NY

What sustainable practice are you most proud to utilize in your work? We source all of our seafood through Sea2Table and try to keep our fish sourcing to the east coast closest docks to us.

We purchase about 75% of the product we use locally from grains, beans, flours, vegetables, fruits, breads, sunflower oil, cheese, honey, maple syrup, tofu. All of our meat is sourced through companies like Regional Access, Finger Lakes Family Farms, Farm Shed, Rosenkrans Farms, Schraders Meats. Our dairy comes from Pittsford Dairy and Ithaca Milk. Our ice cream is locally made by a company called Eat Me. Our coffee is from a company called Glen Edith in Rochester, and our beer, wine, spirits and soda from locally wineries, breweries and distilleries.

We think about our carbon footprint. We do whole animal utilization, we leave skins on fruits and vegetables. We compost, buy green takeout ware. We think about seasonality. We pay a living wage and all the tips are shared amongst our front and back of house staff. We care about our staff: their lives, families and work environment. We work with our local food bank to support and help create access to food for those in need.

What do you most love about street food? I love the accessibility of street food, that it can be eaten on the go. It allows a traveler to try many different types of foods and be exposed to different cultures and places.

What are you most excited about in the year ahead? On April 24th I am launching my first fundraising event for Foodlink. The event will be held in Geneva, NY bringing together chefs, musicians and libations, and 100% of the proceeds will go to Foodlink. For me, a big part is who we are in the community and how we give back.

I am also writing my next cookbook showcasing the seasons of the Finger Lakes, my travels and the spices that go with these dishes and an online video series about it as well.