Name: Laura Ohm, Grand Central Bakery

Location: Portland, OR

Grand Central Bakery is a longtime supporter of the Good Food Fund, a powerful way to show support for chefs and food professionals building a better food system.

What is one ingredient that you are excited to work with this season? Careful protein sourcing can be complex – from regulations around state-exemptions to finding a source that can meet your store volume. That’s why we’re so excited to buy turkey breast from Champoeg Farm, one of our favorite local farms! Mark and Catherine are good friends of the bakery, terrific farmers that care about the animals, and all-around amazing people. And, they recently received a grant to build a USDA processing facility.

What makes Grand Central Bakery different? Grand Central performs this amazing balancing act of comfort and tradition while being inclusive and interesting. Our size and vision allows us to work with local farmers – from Willamette Valley grains and apples to grass-fed beef – creating real impact. We work hand in hand to create a solid infrastructure for our foodshed. In addition, our size allows us to keep prices reasonable while hitting margins.

We hear Grand Central Bakery is going beyond food items when talking about sustainability. Yes! Those of us who work in a sustainable food system need to consider employees, too. We expect our staff to work hard, but we value and encourage a work-life balance. Sustainability has to be a comprehensive world outlook, not just a focus on food.

Anything else you want readers to know? Next time you’re in Portland or Seattle, come on in!