In accordance with President Obama’s desire to reform food safety laws, especially through the creation of Food Safety Working Group, the FDA has announced that there will be a new proposed rule for safety standards in the packaging of fresh produce. Before the rule is proposed, however, the FDA is actively asking for your comments!

This issue necessitates feedback especially from people who are truly engaged with the growth and production of fresh produce. How are you personally affected by the current standards for fresh produce in the United States?

Here’s how comment to the FDA online:

  1. Go to
  2. Type in FDA-2010-N-0085 in the keyword field to go to the docket “Preventive Controls for Fresh Produce: Request for Comments”
  3. Click “Submit a Comment” under the Actions tab on the far right
  4. Comment in the field provided about you/your organization.
  5. Submit your comments before May 24, 2010.