You may remember that earlier this year, more than 500 chefs in our network helped send a strong message to Chef Sam Kass at the White House. We asked him to continue to be a leader on the issue of antibiotics.

This week, the US Food and Drug Administration announced a new set of policies that could start to rein in antibiotics misuse on factory farms.

Thank youYour collective voices helped the FDA take a step, which is a really big move on their part and their first definitive action in more than 40 years.

But, there is still a lot of work to be done to stop overuse of antibiotics in animals.Antibiotics misuse is running wild, and the industry standard for the treatment of animals is far from humane, healthy, or environmentally sustainable.

Rancher Bill Niman put it well when he remarked that right now, we have a situation where “people who are not doing things correctly need to use antibiotics prophylactically to replace good animal husbandry.”

Not only do we need to change the way we use antibiotics in animal production to protect human health (the CDC linked the routine use of antibiotics in farm animals to human deaths), doing away with prophylactic use of antibiotics in animals could lead to better practices overall.

This is a critical issue for chefs who care about sustainability. To learn more about how antibiotics misuse affects you, you can download a one-page fact-sheet we put together with the help of Pew Charitable Trusts.

There is one silver lining to all of this, though: unlike other global challenges like climate change, we know we can solve this problem. We’ll be in touch early in the New Year about our plans to leverage your influence to end antibiotic misuse!