There are just a few days left to register for the 2013 Earth Dinners. If you’re contemplating signing up, but not sure how you can be a part of it – fear not – it’s up to you how you participate! And we have some awesome ideas to share with you, no matter what type of business you are.

1. Host a one-day event.

2. Host a week-long, or month-long, menu item.

  • jm Curleys in Boston, MA is re-thinking “junk food” from April 1 through May 31. They’ll be taking some of America’s best-known junk food items, and re-doing them with local, sustainable (and dare we say healthier!) ingredients. From “velveeta” cheese of local Vermont cheddar, to jelly donuts with local bacon fat. Mmmm, indulgence never tasted so good!
  • Uncommonground on Devon in Chicago, IL is offering a chef’s 3-course seasonal tasting menu for $35 from April 17 through April 24.. Their menu will feature the best spring products from their wide collection of midwest farm and ranch partners.
  • From April 23-26, Seattle Culinary Academy students will prepare lunches featuring Northwest wild, artisan, and locally grown ingredients from Northwest producers.

3. Challenge your restaurant to do something new.

  • Enzo Restaurant & Bar in Newburyport, MA is taking an all-new local challenge and will be serving food sourced from less than 50 miles from the restaurant for the entire week leading up to Earth Day! This includes all fats, salts, and so on. We can’t wait to hear more from Chef Mary Reilly.
  • Steve & Cookies by the Bay in Margate, NJ will be creating Earth-conscious dinner specials using locally-grown organic produce. Their specials’ proceeds will go to Chefs Collaborative.

4. Not a restaurant? You can participate too – and do what works for you!

  • Several professional cooks are hosting private, or public, Earth Dinner cooking classes.
  • Forest Ridge School in Bellevue, WA is hosting an Earth Dinner lunch.
  • Shorewood Culinary Arts in Shoreline, WA is hosting an Earth Dinner boxed lunch.
  • Grand Central Bakery is hosting an “Eat, Cook, Bake Like it’s Earth Day Everyday”Campaign. Since they’re not a restaurant, they’ve found that promoting the challenge to source food sustainably year-round was the best idea for them.
  • Fortune Fish is challenging the restaurants it works with to register for Earth Dinners (what a great idea!)
  • Cuisine en Locale is hosting an Earth Dinner event through its ONCE a Week share. Their clients will be able to purchase shares to feed their families throughout the week, or buy multiple shares and host an all-local Earth Dinner party in their own homes.

We’re impressed with all of these ideas, and can’t wait to see what you come up with, too. Make sure you register as soon as possible!

If you have any questions about Earth Dinners, please contact our Program Manager Alisha Fowler: 617-236-5200 or