From Maine to Hawaii, more than more than 95 restaurants and businesses are hosting Earth Dinners from April 17-28th.

Earth Dinners are like the Earth’s Restaurant Week. They are held each year in partnership with Organic Valley.


This year’s Earth Dinner restaurants and businesses have crafted special menus, added menu items, and dreamed up activities to honor the Earth, raise awareness, and garner funds for advancing sustainability. Thank you participants.

We want to make sure you know about this fantastic opportunity to dine with sustainability-minded chefs and businesses across the country! Looking for an Earth Dinner in Virginia? We’ve got you covered. How about Florida or Washington? Yep, got you there, too. Check out the Google map below to find an event near you:


Enjoying an Earth Dinner? Please share your photos with us – and the world – by tagging them with #EarthDinners. We’ll be sure to re-tweet and share your photos!

Chefs across the country are posting their Earth Dinner creations online, too. From Enzo Restaurant & Bar launching an Earth Dinner Facebook album to many chefs live-tweeting dinners, we’re loving the creativity of our member chefs.

If you can’t join in, you can still follow the #EarthDinners action on Twitter, Facebook, our blog, and Instagram.

We hope you’ll be able to join one of these wonderful establishments in the coming week!