KTF logo tileCopper River Fish Market is hosting an Earth Dinners special; through May 12 they are accepting orders for 2013 Copper River Sockeye. And with every 10 lbs of frozen sockeye ordered they will include a single fillet of Pacific Grey Cod caught by Long Line: MSC certified and Monterey Bay Aquarium best choice.

They’re based in Alaska, and as someone relatively new to the food scene I wanted to sit down with them to find out a bit more about what they are all about, and how they address sustainability as they source seafood and distribute it far and wide.

Below is my conversation with Sarah of Copper River Fish Market. Have a question for them? Drop it in the comments!

Alisha: Sarah, can you tell me a bit more about Copper River Fish Market?

DSC02137Sarah: Shipped once and shipped direct. When you purchase from Copper River Fish Market you are buying directly from a second generation Alaskan fishing family. We appreciate the opportunity to directly provide premium quality, fresh caught wild Alaska seafood- from our hands to yours. Choosing to purchase from our small family business allows us to compete in a food marketplace dominated and largely controlled by huge volume corporations.

Alisha: How do you operate with sustainability in mind, and what are your sustainability goals?

Sarah: We live our lives and commercial fish by a sustainable philosophy and are committed to contributing towards a healthy stewardship of the land and ocean for generations to come. The fisheries we participate in and the seafood we offer are all “Best Choices,” eg good for the earth and its oceans as well as your body.

We continually seek out greener alternatives for all areas of our operation. We do our best to minimize resource consumption by recycling engine oil, choosing green cleaning products, recyclable packaging etc. This spring marks the debut of Nature Flex labels for our products, fully compostable and made from renewable wood resins.

We only participate in sustainable fisheries. We employ best fishing practices to mindfully harvest our targeted catch resulting in the least amount of impact on other species. All our offerings are MSC certified.

We feel that it is important to “vote with your fork.” Buying seafood and other foods that are kind to our environment benefit our generation and those to come. Corporate producers can sway to friendlier sourcing and production practices but only if consumer demand is evident. .

Alisha: How does participating in Earth Dinners contribute to your vision and operation?

EarthDinnerImage_2013Sarah: Earth Dinners provides an opportunity for us to reach out and inform people of our offerings and the direct connection they can have with the fishermen that harvest their seafood.

Many are aware of the delicious attributes of our culinary superstar – Copper River Salmon. But few realize that they can have fresh caught or just frozen Copper River Salmon sent direct to their doorstep from our remote fishing town on the Copper River Delta in Alaska, along with our other seafood offerings.

Each fish has been wild-harvested and handled with care aboard a small family owned fishing boat. Special quality enhancing equipment and techniques used on-board result in a level of excellence that is just not possible within the larger supply chain. Conscientious handling techniques are used at sea to preserve quality and ease stress levels of our fish. This results in an extended shelf life, a moist and tender flake and exceptionally clean flavor.

Happy fish just taste better.