As August quickly approaches, we are thrilled to receive pictures from restaurants and organizations across the country hosting Bristol Bay salmon events in partnership with Chefs Collaborative and the Bristol Bay Regional Seafood Development Association. Below are a few highlights from the past week!

Virginians Grill Salmon on USA-Produced Charcoal


Hunter’s Head Tavern’s Bristol Bay sockeye with herbed compound butter.

On July 25, Hunter’s Head Tavern in Upperville, Virginia hosted a grilling class that put the spotlight on Bristol Bay salmon. Guests learned how to grill Bristol Bay salmon and dress it with herbed compound butter. The Tavern also offered flights of Virginia white wines as an accompaniment along with grilled local vegetables. To complement the evening, they grilled on sustainably harvested USA produced charcoals. Way to go!

Schools (Not) Out for the Summer

Bristol Bay fishermen sporting a Hotchkiss School tshirt. (Photo credit A + C Images)

Bristol Bay fishermen sporting a Hotchkiss School tshirt. (Photo credit A + C Images)

The Hotchkiss School in Lakeville, CT featured Bristol Bay Salmon with fresh peach salsa, organic gluten free wild rice pilaf and sauteed swiss chard from their own farm in their dining hall on July 13th. In addition, the school’s chef Andrew Cox recently had the opportunity to hold a free cooking class for the public in Salisbury, CT.

There, he prepared and served Bristol Bay salmon and mentioned the need to protect the fishery. Click here for the full article. The menu was seared Bristol Bay sockeye salmon with Hotchkiss grown garlic scape pesto, Hotchkiss grown swiss chard and organic kidney beans with ginger and lemon thyme. Delicious.