On what was supposed to be the last day for public comments on the Bristol Bay watershed assessment by the EPA, we just learned that the EPA extended the public comment period until June 30.

This is great news, and it’s clear that the EPA wants to hear from the public on this issue. Click here to add your voice to the public comments: http://www2.epa.gov/bristolbay


Photo Credit: Bob Waldrop, BBRSDA

With this news in mind, here’s a quick refresher on what’s going on in Bristol Bay: Bristol Bay, Alaska is home to one of the world’s last wild salmon runs. Pebble Mine – a proposed copper, gold, and molybdemum open-pit mine project – is proposed for the headwaters of two major rivers that feed Bristol Bay. If built, Pebble would be one of the largest mines in the world. As Save Bristol Bay says, “because of its size, geochemistry and location, Pebble runs a high risk of polluting Bristol Bay.” The mine threatens the livelihood of the tribes, fishermen who live and work there, as well as our supply of wild sockeye salmon. Every year, more than 35 million adult salmon return to Bristol Bay, and it is a $1.5 billion commercial and recreational fishery. Clearly, there is a lot at stake.

And if you have any doubt about the importance of this issue, here’s a key quote from the Washington Post:

“Most people aren’t aware of the fight over Bristol Bay, home to nearly half the world’s sockeye salmon. But it may be one of the most important environmental decisions the president faces in his second term.”

Click here to add your voice to the public comments: http://www2.epa.gov/bristolbay

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