This post comes to us courtesy of James E. Miller, the President of Carp Catchers Cooperative.

Asian carp, an invasive species threatening the ecosystems and native species of our lakes and rivers, is a serious concern to those of us who care about the likely extinction of some of the native fish species in our mid-American River system and the invasion by the Asian carp into the Great Lakes.

Carp Catchers Cooperatives (CCC) is a low profit, limited liability company with four bottom lines: people, planet, profit and principles.  We’re focused on creative solutions to the Asian carp invasion of the Mississippi River Basin and of National Waters, where in some reaches, Asian carp constitute 95% of the fish biomass.

CCC is also an outreach fishery to improve the catch of Asian carp, while sorting and returning to the river the native fish, alive and unharmed. We are interested in letting folks know that the Asian carp, unlike the bottom feeding common carp, produces fillets and steaks which are of premium quality and tastes delicious.  We’d love to know if you’ve tried it and what you think.  Just respond to this blog post.

I invite you to learn more by going to Carp Catchers Cooperative, And if you are a chef interested in making good use of an invasive species, please feel free to contact us directly at:

James E. Miller

President, Carp Catchers Cooperative