Self-styled anarchist Ari Weinzweig craves order—the natural order.  Co-founder of Zingerman’s food empire in Ann Arbor, Michigan, Ari counts 12 natural laws to building a successful business – live in harmony with these laws and thrive.  Defy them and watch your colony collapse.


He must be onto something. In 30 years, Zingerman’s has grown from a staff of two at a 25-seat hovel to nine businesses employing 700 folks with annual sales of $50 million.  And he’s never ventured beyond his favorite college town.

The secret to his success?  He counts 39 of them, all detailed in his celebrated “Lapsed Anarchist’s Approach…” series of business books. The recently released third volume takes a deep dive into how to manage ourselves, our trickiest employee.  “My secrets are simple.  They just aren’t easy.”

Join Ari at the Chefs Collaborative Annual Food Summit in Boulder, Colorado Sept 28-30 where he’ll share his invaluable business insights and explain why the most important secret to success – the secret to all of the other secrets – is how you treat the dishwasher. Ari’s workshop will take place on Monday Sept. 29 at 2pm.