From our friends at Commercial Fishermen for Bristol Bay

After nearly a year of delays, the revised Bristol Bay Watershed Assessment is open for public comment. The facts paint a clear picture for commercial fishermen – the risks associated with Pebble are simply too great. Now we must paint our own picture for the EPA.

Click here to send the message today that chefs and fishermen are not willing to trade our beautiful seafood and fishing jobs for open-pit mining.

Based on the Pebble Limited Partnership’s own documents, the EPA Assessment shows that the Pebble Mine will destroy 87 miles of salmon streams and up to 4,800 acres of salmon habitat. Fishermen know that salmon need pristine habitat to survive. The Pebble Mine puts Bristol Bay’s fishermen and our 125-year-old commercial fishing industry at risk.

Kvichak Setnetters

The threat of the proposed Pebble Mine has loomed over Bristol Bay’s fishermen and industry for nearly a decade and the science is finally in. You now have 30 days to urge the Administration to do what’s right for Bristol Bay’s commercial fishing industry and the 14,000 American jobs that depend on it.

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About Bristol Bay, Alaska

Bristol Bay, Alaska is host to one of the last great salmon fisheries on earth. It’s our last chance to get it right the first time. We must protect this national treasure and its commercial salmon fishery that helps feed the world; incredible sport fishing and recreation; fishing jobs and economy; and a native way of life that’s thousands of years old from the specter of the Pebble Mine, proposed as one of the largest open-pit mines on earth.

Pebble will generate up to 10 billion tons of toxic mine waste that must be stored, treated and monitored “in perpetuity” in the heart of the watershed. EPA has the power to stop this dangerous project under the Clean Water Act and we need you to urge them to do so now.