Local Leader Bio

Stephen Phelps (Chef/Owner, Indigenous Restaurant)
Local Group: Sarasota, FL

Originally from Cleveland, Chef Stephen Phelps was fortunate to begin working in the kitchen at a young age under the guidance of his uncle, a military chef. Classically trained in France and Germany, his uncle passed on his techniques to the young Phelps, teaching him about every aspect of being a restaurateur. This turned out to be both fulfilling and fun for the rising chef and his talents quickly blossomed, running kitchens at the prestigious Hyde Park Steakhouse entities as well as other top Cleveland spots.

After moving to Sarasota more than ten years ago, Chef Phelps fell in love with the ocean’s bounty. He is known to be either out fishing or cooking fish, and his concerns and involvement in sustainability have earned him praise from conservation organizations nationwide. A constant educator of his guests, staff and the community, his mission is simple: good sourcing and respect for the planet. It is now clear that “this chef knows his fish!”

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