Might as well start off point blank… hello, my name is Rob and I am the new Chefs Collaborative communications intern. I couldn’t find a good picture of my face so you get to see my hands. If you read about me on a post on Monday on Facebook, good, if you didn’t please follow Chefs Collaborative on Facebook and Twitter. It really benefits us both.

I haven’t been in Boston long. I came here to get my Masters in Gastronomy from Boston University and came by way of Germany, Pennsylvania, Connecticut, Italy, and Vermont where I  cooked professionally and worked as a farm laborer. Long before that, when I was doing my undergrad at the University of Vermont, I used to keep a food blog, so I suppose in some way being here is just loose ends tying themselves up.

A good friend of mine, a co-worker in Philadelphia, and one of the best cooks I’ve ever known once told me “nothing is worth doing if you aren’t going to do it right.” Oft repeated to young cooks, and advice well worth learning. The farmers in the small town I grew up in toted similar aphorisms. I’m too young to be able to say we all want essentially the same things out of life, but I can say a growing number of us want excellent, and sustainable food that nurtures everyone on its journey from pasture to plate. I’m excited to be able to intern for an organization that is committed to this cause, and also about being able to interact with all you out there in the community. So let me know what you want to hear about.

With this in mind lets hit the ground running and delve into a few food related stories from this past week. Lester Brown the president of the Earth Policy Institute warns, “the food bubble is bursting.” This may be no surprise to some in Texas who are extolling the wonders of winter farming. Meanwhile up in Vermont, Maple Syrup is fixing to take on McDonalds for their labeling practices. Syrup, maple or otherwise, might not make it onto the menu in school lunches soon if the USDA’s new standards for school meals are adopted. They aim to limit sugar intake among other things. Though, in Los Angeles at least, a change in school lunch isn’t such an easy task as Jamie Oliver found out. These are just a few stories to mull over but I look forward to bringing you more here and on Facebook and Twitter in the coming weeks and months.