Evan Mallett, Chef & Owner of Black Trumpet Bistro and Chefs Collaborative Board Member, knows invasive species. Along with cooking invasive fish species, he forages invasive greens to serve in his kitchen: “New England’s woods are choked with garlic mustard that has no business growing there. In fact, it’s become an obsession of mine. I’ll gather trash bags full of the stuff to breakdown for dishes at my restaurant Black Trumpet.”

He implores you to do the same: “Cooking and eating are acts of environmental activism and I want to invite you to go the extra mile this fall: serve up invasive species.”

At the Chefs Collaborative Sustainable Food Summit in Boulder, Colorado Sept. 28-30, Evan will team up with chef Bun Lai of Miya’s Sushi, conservation biologist Joe Roman, and chef and farmer Eric Skokan of Black Cat Bistro to share what invasives to eat and how to cook them.

Joe Roman will dive into the culinary offerings of the prickly lionfish“Once you know how to deal with the venomous spines, they are very tasty,” says Joe.

Finally, underscoring the delicious benefits of eating for extinction, these three experts will be putting a particularly destructive pest on the spit to roast –  a 40-pound wild boar donated by Broken Arrow Ranch in Texas. Come and join us for this virtuous meal!